The TwinStar Credit Union Difference

Statement of Commitment to Members

TwinStar Credit Union was originally organized on November 8, 1937 and incorporated on January 3, 1938 as Thurston County Teachers Credit Union. The credit union was formed with the purpose of providing the best possible financial services at the lowest possible cost.

"[A place] solely and exclusively concerned with all aspects of a member's economic welfare...The only place a member can go for credit where he or she represents something other than a source of profit."

A name change and several mergers over the years have not changed TwinStar Credit Union’s philosophy of being a not-for-profit financial cooperative organized to serve the changing financial needs of all of our member owners.

The organization is served by an all-volunteer Board of Directors and other voluntary committees.

Mission Statement

TwinStar Credit Union helps our members get ahead financially by providing a variety of financial services that create relationships and feature exceptional benefits and advantages.

Vision Statement

TwinStar Credit Union is the industry standard for building and maintaining exceptional relationships with our members and communities by providing complete financial services through well-trained employees who are responsive and service oriented.

At TwinStar Credit Union, members come first.

We are committed to upholding our fundamental responsibility to actively serve people within our fields of membership, and as appropriate, the communities they live and work in. We look to demonstrate, in all areas of our operation, the value of membership in TwinStar Credit Union.

  • TwinStar Credit Union welcomes and is committed to serving all eligible members, regardless of age, race, gender, or creed;
  • TwinStar Credit Union is governed democratically by a Board of Directors who are elected by the members;
  • TwinStar Credit Union provides a wide array of leading edge financial products and services;
  • TwinStar Credit Union’s lending practices are unbiased;
  • TwinStar Credit Union is committed to providing ongoing financial education, planning and counseling to its members;
  • TwinStar Credit Union respects and protects the privacy of its members and the security of their financial information;
  • TwinStar Credit Union advocates volunteerism and community involvement. We support a variety of causes for the betterment in all the communities we serve;
  • TwinStar Credit Union actively supports the credit union movement and other credit unions at the community, state, and national level in both the philosophy and the political arena.

TwinStar Credit Union demonstrates our commitment to the philosophy of putting members first with the best available products and unsurpassed member service.

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