Before you travel

In general, make sure you have more than one way to access your money, especially if you are traveling overseas. It's best to be prepared in case an ATM isn't available or a shop doesn't take your card, US currency, or check.

Visa® credit & debit cards

Currently members cannot use their Visa® cards in Trinidad and Tobago, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Romania or Thailand. Cards may be used only at an ATM in Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Prepaid Visa® cards are not blocked in these or any other countries, but check with us before you go to be sure.

If you're traveling in the Northwest, you can find a fee-free ATM through one of our ATM networks. Kasasa Checking members who meet the monthly requirements get reimbursed for ATM surcharges nationwide. (International transaction fees that may be charged will not be reversed.)

Platinum card holders have access to several benefits that come in handy for travel. Check the list and contact Visa USA if you have any questions.

Prepaid Visa® cards can also be used anywhere you see the Visa® sign, too.

Visa® card blocking

Falcon Fraud monitoring screens your card activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, looking for suspicious activity. In some cases, card use while traveling may look like suspicious activity.

If your card gets blocked, contact the Falcon Fraud Center at 866.272.4481 to verify the transaction(s) and unblock your card. (If you are travelling overseas, download the list of toll-free numbers for dozens of countries (PDF).)

If you have travel planned, visit a branch and let us know when and where you'll be going. We can update your card information and keep the card from being blocked in error.

Shared Branching

With Shared Branching, take your credit union wherever you go. TwinStar participates in the CU Service Centers network of more than 6,300 credit union locations in 47 states, Puerto Rico and on U.S.A. military bases in five countries.

That gives you access to more than 2,600 branches for deposits, withdrawals, and other services. Learn more about shared branching or find a branch now.


TwinStar Credit Union is pleased to partner with Travelex, the world’s leading foreign exchange specialist. Now you can order foreign currency in a TwinStar branch or on our website and be ready to see the sights when you get there instead of hassling with currency exchange and unreliable exchange rates at your destination. You’ll have access to more than 50 currencies with the Travelex Travel Money service. It offers fair exchange rates, quick service and delivery options including to the branch nearest you or to your home.

Stop by any branch to place your order. Please allow five business days for your foreign currency to be delivered to your home or the branch.

The Travelex website link is located inside our Home Banking platform; there is a Travelex Travel Money link on the left hand side of the main account summary screen.

Currency exchange

There are many options for changing currency, here and abroad. You may find it helpful to have some cash in your destination's currency when you arrive. Using your Visa® debit or credit card gives you the most up-to-date exchange rates, but you may be charged a fee. Most experts recommend avoiding changing currency at the airport. See the Visa® website for more about traveling internationally with your Visa® card.

Pay bills while you're gone

Don't forget about bills that may be due while you're enjoying your trip! With Online Bill Payer, you can schedule payments up to one year in advance. It's easy and free, so you can get it done before you go.