Business Owners and EMV Payment Adoption

Here’s what you need to know about new payment terminals

Here’s what you need to know about new payment terminals.

As an additional measure of security to prevent fraud, TwinStar members are starting to see chips embedded in credit and debit cards issued by TwinStar Credit Union. The process of replacing all of our cards with EMV enabled cards will take another year or so. To read more about the EMV shift and watch a short video about the important change, go to

The overall intent of EMV cards is to reduce card-present fraud, which helps consumers, merchants and card issuers alike. But what is the impact for the 5,000 TwinStar Member Business Services clients who may take payments from customers using a card terminal?

First, business owners will begin to see customers present chip-enabled cards for payment. While the chip-enabled card can still be slid through the terminal, there is an important liability shift that is set to take place in October 2015. After this date, merchants who have not made the investment in chip-enabled technology may be held financially liable for card-present fraud and potentially lost-and-stolen fraud that could have been prevented with a chip-enabled terminal.

Furthermore, merchants who do not have an EMV-enabled payment terminal may have to answer to their customers as to why they have to continue to swipe their cards, especially as consumers become more aware that EMV processing is a safer way to process the transaction.

TwinStar’s Business Development Officers are here to help business owners make a plan for EMV migration. They can explain the process in more detail and help you plan for the investment in a new EMV-enabled payment terminal. By installing a new payment terminal, business owners will protect themselves, help reduce card-present fraud considerably and be prepared to serve more customers in our fast paced world.

Please contact Corinn Wohl at 360.923.4596 for more information or go to for the name and contact information of the Business Development representative in your neighborhood.