Dollar Dog 2018 Photo Contest Winners Announced

Dollar dog contest winners collage

This summer kids brought Dollar Dog on vacation to great places like Yellowstone, the Pentagon, Mt. Rainier, Las Vegas, Kansas, Utah and more. After returning home they entered their photo and a brief description of their adventures in our Dollar Dog On Vacation Contest for a chance to win a $250 Visa gift card and other prizes.

The competition was intense with 65 entries. Below are our top five contest winners.


  • 1st Place: Naomi A. (won a $250 VISA gift card)
  • 2nd Place: Joshua R. (won a $100 VISA gift card)
  • Runner Up: Grayson W. (won a $50 VISA gift card)
  • Runner Up: Tyler B. (won a $50 VISA gift card)
  • Runner Up: Jesse M. (won a $50 VISA gift card)
1st Place

1st Place: Naomi A.

Traveled with Dollar Dog to Santa Monica, CA

When I was in Santa Monica, California at the beach, I got buried in the sand by my mom. Then I decided that it would be a good idea to have Dollar Dog also buried next to me too. Getting buried in the sand is super fun and better than getting wet and dunked in waves!

2nd Place

2nd Place: Joshua R.

Traveled with Dollar Dog to the Pentagon, Washington D.C.

Dollar Dog has been very busy this Summer! He was exploring D.C. and he got a special invitation to tour the Pentagon! We all had a ton of fun!

Runner Up

Runner Up: Grayson W.

Traveled with Dollar Dog at Crater Lake, Oregon

Dollar Dog helped me complete my junior ranger book at Crater Lake. Then we got our badge with my cousins.

Runner Up

Runner Up: Tyler B.

Traveled with Dollar Dog to the Oregon Dunes

"Dollar Dog Racing." Tyler strapped him to his ATV and off they went.... Later he decided they wanted MUCH more power, so he swiped my quad LOL.

Runner Up

Runner Up: Jesse M.

Traveled with Dollar Dog to Deep Lake in Olympia

This summer I worked at my Grandparents house and earned enough money to buy a kayak and fishing pole. I enjoyed going out on the lake almost every weekend and fishing for trout with my Dollar Dog. Now I'm trying to save enough money to get my piano tuned.