TwinStar's new phone banking experience is now available

Father on phone in the kitchen with a baby.

We are excited to share that TwinStar’s new and improved phone banking experience is now available. The new system provides streamlined voice commands, updated features and increased security to help you manage your money with ease – making banking by phone easier than ever!

The first time you call the new Credit Union Connection platform you will be asked to re-register and create a new phone banking PIN. For ID verification purposes we will also ask you for your member number, zip code, and last four digits of your social security number. Please do not be alarmed – this authentication will only happen once and is an important step to make sure that it’s really you calling to manage your account. 

To protect you and your account, we will not contact you and ask for private information such as your username and password, secure access code, full account or routing number, card numbers, or your full social security number. If there are any questions about announcements from TwinStar Credit Union, please check with our website or call us to confirm the information. If you receive a suspicious email, don't click on any links. Instead, delete it.

Thank you for you being a member at TwinStar Credit Union!