Essentials for a Fun Backyard BBQ Gathering

Backyard BBQ with friends

BBQ season is well underway in the Pacific Northwest. A BBQ is a great way to come together with friends or family. A summer evening wouldn’t be complete without one.

As you prepare for the festivities here are some tips to ensure you have a fun and carefree gathering with friends and family.

Set a budget

If you’re hosting a gathering, be sure to set a budget to set yourself up for success when purchasing food, beverages, decorations, etc.

Prepare in advance

Food is one of the main attractions when we gather. Spending time with loved ones over a meal builds community. Making sure you have a plan in place will help sort out your cooking schedule. Are you going to serve appetizers? What will your main dish or dishes be? Do you plan to grill, bake, or smoke any of your food? How long will it take to cook all of the food on your menu? Answering these questions will help you develop a plan of action to tackle your cooking.

Grab the essentials

As you plan for your party, gather all of the food and party favors ahead of time. If you’re planning for a large event like a family gathering, certain items may or may not be available due to demand. If you’re planning to grill, make sure you have adequate fuel to cook your food.

Once you have a plan in place don’t delay. If you’re cooking something unique make sure to put in your order with your local meat or specialty shop. The fun part about a backyard BBQ is that there are plenty of fun decorations to go with your event. Shop early so you have plenty of options.

Keep things simple

Sometimes the best laid plans are the simplest ones. If you’re inviting a large group, encourage your guests to bring something to the party. You can even go a step further by asking them to bring a traditional family recipe. This will not only help ease some of the cooking and planning, but also ensure a wide range of appetizers and snacks to enjoy.  

Think about the kids

If you’re anticipating kids joining your gathering make sure to think about some fun kid-friendly snacks, drinks, and activities to add to the mix.