Fraud Alert: Phishing emails attempting to collect online banking login

Phishing attempts illustration

We’ve received multiple reports that fraudulent emails are being sent to our members attempting to obtain their private information.

The emails state that the Member’s online account access has been blocked due to ongoing maintenance or that the Member needs to verify their account or identity by following a fraudulent link. The emails also contain the TwinStar Credit Union logo and sometimes links that lead to a webpage which is designed to be a fraudulent copy of our website.

Providing private account or personal information in response to these emails could lead to your accounts being compromised and/or other fraud.

Some signs of a fraudulent email include:

  • Misspelled words or poor grammar
  • Links to external websites not associated with TwinStar Credit Union
    (To view a link’s destination without clicking it, hover your mouse over the link to see a preview)
  • Language that has an urgent or demanding nature
  • Language that suggests that the member shouldn’t call our Contact Center or visit our branches for more information
  • Information that conflicts with our official website (

Reminder: TwinStar Credit Union does not ask for personal information via email or ask our members to verify their accounts after system maintenance.

Be vigilant in protecting your sensitive information. We recommend that you only give out sensitive information if you initiated the conversation with a source you know that you can trust.

If you believe that you have received a fraudulent email or that your account may be compromised from a fraudulent email, please call our Contact Center at 800.258.3115 for assistance.