Giving Thanks for Credit Unions

Giving thanks for Credit Union

This Thanksgiving, we not only give thanks to our members, but also to the credit union movement!

Whether you are a member of TwinStar, or another CU, being a credit union member makes you a part of something bigger. Let’s review 5 reasons to be grateful that you belong to a credit union.

1. Superior member service

With credit unions, you’re always greeted with representatives who are ready and willing to help you. We’re truly invested in your financial wellness, and we’re here to help you achieve and maintain it, every step of the way.

2. Safer money

Both federally insured credit unions and banks offer insured savings accounts, but credit unions are also subject to strict regulations on their investments and loans. Your money is super-secure at a credit union.

3. You own a piece of your credit union

Credit unions are member-owned and member-operated. This means that everyone gets a voice and an equal vote.

4. We support our community

Whereas some banks are required to support their community, we do it because it’s part of our mission. Credit Unions are formed by their communities, so supporting our neighbors is a top priority.

5. Access to a variety of financial services

Lastly, credit unions provide our members with an array of financial services to meet nearly every money-related need at every life stage. We place high value on providing our members with the best services to meet their needs.