Help us eliminate school lunch debt

Community Foundation

The TwinStar Community Foundation is working to eliminate school lunch debt at selected elementary schools in our communities. Last spring, with the help of our members, we were able to eliminate local school lunch debt by donating just over $23,000 to elementary schools in Thurston County. This year, we’ve turned our attention to elementary schools in Lewis, Grays Harbor and Thurston Counties. We are currently gathering the school lunch debt amounts from these areas.

Children in our communities count on school lunches; sometimes as their only source of food each day. Studies show that when students do not eat properly, their academic performance at school suffers, which could have life-long consequences. It’s not only the students who are affected as student lunch debt can also create huge financial challenges for school districts as well. We hope to reduce the impact that school lunch debt has on our communities because we believe well-fed kids create well-fed minds.

Your generous donations in 2018 enabled us to help so many community members through organizations such as Together! and Homeless Backpacks and we couldn’t be more grateful. We know that as a community we are strong and we’re reaching out to you to help. The mission of the TwinStar Community Foundation is to eliminate school lunch debt so that our students can have success at school. It’s an aggressive goal, but together, we think we can do it!

To make a donation, visit any branch or call our 1-800-258-3115. To learn more about the TwinStar Community Foundation click here

On behalf of our students, we thank you for your time.

The TwinStar Community Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation and your donation could be tax deductible.