Holiday Shopping

Young woman and man with blurred stores in background

Ah, the holidays in the Pacific Northwest—lights sparkling in the rain and the scent of Douglas fir in the air. And, of course, the shopping! The crowds, bright lights, sales, high energy: to some it’s an adventure, to others a dreaded chore. Wherever you land, we have suggestions that could make your holidays a little brighter.

Apologies in advance for all the product placement, but we just had to share all the products and services we have to assist with real-life holiday needs.

Set up a holiday budget to ease financial burden.

OK, this is actually a tip for next year’s holidays. An easy way to budget for them is to open a savings account dedicated to the holidays. It’s easy to deposit money into these accounts as you are able throughout the year. This avoids the stress of having to come up with funds at the end of the year for the presents you want to give.

You can also use services like our Dollar Dashboard to track spending habits, set up budgets, and more. This helps you get a better picture of your finances and make informed financial decisions.

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Take advantage of technology:

• For convenience

Who else keeps their phone with them at all times? While great for selfies, they can also be used to make banking easier. For example, you could download the TwinStar Mobile Banking app to view your accounts and perform fund transfers. Then, use Mobile Check Deposit to deposit that $10 check from Aunt Shirley.

Also, many retailers have apps you can download for special in-store offers.

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• For security

Download the Card Manager app to have instant control of your cards. This way, if you forget your card at the coffee shop after your triple-shot latte, you can use your phone to turn off the card until you can retrieve it.

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Shop locally and use local ATMs to withdraw cash.

Small businesses often form the bedrock of our communities. Shopping at local businesses not only benefits them, but also benefits you by putting money directly back into your community.

Most small businesses have credit/debit card readers, but for those who don’t, we recommend withdrawing cash from either a TwinStar Credit Union ATM, or an ATM where you aren’t charged a fee to withdraw your money. We’ve linked our ATMs with other credit unions and banks to give you surcharge-free ATM options.

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We also recommend that you keep your bills small and secure. Don’t flaunt your cash or carry it loosely, as this can make you a target for thieves. Frustrate pickpockets by keeping your purse, wallet and shopping bags close to your body.

The holidays can be stressful—we get it—but planning combined with a little technological assistance can help us all get through it. As always, we are here to support you with your financial needs this season.

Reminder: Our Branches and Contact Center will be closed Christmas Day, Monday, December 25, 2017