Important Message from Jeff Kennedy, CEO: Branch Service Changes

Important Message from the CEO -  Branch service changes

It is the time of year when children prepare to be back in school, but this year looks quite a bit different. Most school districts are choosing to provide remote learning only and, for those parents with school-age children, this provides an added level of difficulty in trying to juggle home, work and now helping their children to learn in a remote environment. This struggle may impact many of our TwinStar members and certainly will impact many of our employees. Our goal throughout this pandemic has been to ensure that we can sustain service for our members and now through home schooling, and the coming flu season.

We currently face a fall season where COVID-19 deaths and infection rates are not yet where the Governor, or any of us, would like them to be. With the double impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the flu season, we continue to believe it is imperative to minimize face-to-face interactions to keep you and our employees healthy.

The difficulty of knowing whether someone has the flu, or COVID-19, raises the risk that one or more of our branches may face closure due to a quarantine. We know that would impact the level of services we can provide to our members. With all of these factors at play, we have made some decisions about how to best serve our members for the long term as well as help our employees stay healthy and balance the needs of work, home and children.

Effective September 9th, we are modifying our branch member-facing service model which will include some lobby closures. We have created one full-service lobby in each county that carries a Phase 3 status. This hub branch concept will be supported by all other branches offering drive through service. This will allow us to effectively serve you through the months ahead as we know many of us will experience hardships within their families.

Unfortunately our delivery model will always be on the table for modification as we continually work in a proactive mindset. We are cognizant of the friction this places on your banking needs. To offset that friction, you can expect to see messaging in the very near future about how we are extending hours within our Contact Center and digital channels to extend our availability while we minimize our face-to-face interaction.

Our online and mobile banking solutions continue to serve members very effectively in addition to our vast ATM network. Additionally, many of our branches have secure night drop options where you can safely drop of cash and check deposits, or other important documentation.

I want to thank the employees and volunteers of TwinStar Credit Union for their dedication to serving our membership. It is thanks to your work that we were able to put safety precautions into place early in the outbreak and maintained a safe and healthy experience for everyone. Making the decision we have now will ensure that we can continue to serve you well into the future.

Your team at TwinStar Credit Union is here with you during this time.

Jeff Kennedy

Chief Executive Officer
TwinStar Credit Union