Making it a Not-So-Scary World

Two women talking about banking and technology over coffee

TwinStar technology enhancements and mobile services help you keep your accounts safe.

During the height of the Great Depression in the late 1930s, loan sharks preyed on struggling Olympia schoolteachers who could not get reasonable terms for financing because of their seasonal employment. Mindful of the teachers’ plight, a group of schoolteachers formed a credit union — present-day TwinStar Credit Union — to provide affordable loans, and greater financial safety and security for their peers.

Today the sharks remain. We call them hackers. And TwinStar Credit Union continues to invest heavily in tools to protect your hard-earned resources so they remain safe and secure into the future. Here’s a quick tour:

Card Manager Mobile App

Card Manager allows you to switch your TwinStar debit and credit cards off and on, right from your mobile phone. You can also control the locations where your card may be used, and restrict which types of merchants and transactions are allowed. Visit to learn more.

Mobile Alert

With the recent news of the Equifax data breach (TwinStar does not use Equifax), 143 million people will need to keep a closer eye on their credit. If you are one of them (and even if you aren’t), you may want to turn on some account alerts to warn you if suspicious activity takes place. These alerts can be toggled on within the TwinStar mobile app under Settings/Alerts. You can receive alerts on your phone for such things as when an external transfer is authorized, when your password has been changed, or when a recipient for an online transfer is added.

EMV Chip

TwinStar Credit Union Visa debit and credit cards now feature chip technology that provides an enhanced level of security. The embedded chip generates a unique transaction code. This prevents stolen data from being fraudulently used.  There are no additional fees to use a chip-enabled card. Plus you’re protected against unauthorized use with Visa’s Zero Liability policy (see for details).

Identity Theft Recovery

TwinStar has partnered with Fraud Defender for fully managed identity recovery services if you suspect identity theft for any reason, or your personal information has been compromised. There is a nominal fee of $2.95/month. Member’s Choice checking account holders receive Fraud Defender free. With Fully Managed Recovery, a professional recovery advocate does the work on your behalf to restore your identity. If your identity theft event affects a family member, these benefits extend to cover three generations of your family.

To learn more about these and other member services, visit