New Fee Schedule Now Active

Smiling man happy about fewer fees

TwinStar Credit Union undertook a comprehensive review of all fees, the first since 2009. A new fee schedule was listed as of January 1, 2018.

Fees were eliminated for re-issued debit and credit cards, Pick Your Pic customized debit and credit cards and for Remote Deposit Capture (11th item and above per month).

Changed fees include foreign Visa transactions which were reduced from 2.0% of the transaction with a $2.50 minimum to 2.0% of the transaction with a $0.25 minimum, and Overdraft/Check Sentry activations which were increased to $33.00 each.

A paper statement fee of $3.00 per month was added. There are exclusions for member accounts age 18 and younger, member accounts age 65 and older and all Prime Advantage Club checking accounts. A complete list of all fee changes was included in the Fall 2017 Bright Solutions newsletter and can be found on our website at, then click “Deposit Agreement and Disclosure”.

Enrolling in Paperless Statements is easy, reduces clutter is a step in the right direction for our planet. To enroll, log into TwinStar’s home banking platform from your computer, tablet or smart phone, select eDocuments from the left side menu and then click “Paperless Opt In/Out”. Agree to the terms and you are all set.