Pride Month statement by Jeff Kennedy, CEO

Two couple in front of a Pride flag.

Pride isn’t just about festivities, but also the struggle for equal rights. At TwinStar, we strive to make everyone feel welcome regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. Creating safe and welcoming spaces for our employees, members, and communities is built into our mission.

We believe that everyone is unique and deserves to be recognized and respected. This is why we have been actively addressing diversity and equity issues within the TwinStar family, including:

  • Removing binary gender wording.  
  • Use of inclusive language. 
  • Addressing misgendering and micro-aggressions. 
  • Inviting employees’ chosen pronouns. 
  • LGBTQ+ DEI training for all managers.
  • Placing stickers on our windows announcing that our branches are safe spaces where all are welcome.

As we celebrate Pride month, let’s honor how far we’ve come in the advancement for human rights for LGBTQ people, and also work on the challenges that remain. We embrace diversity, people from all backgrounds, and sexual orientation.