Resolution Week - Making a difference for yourself and your community

Resolution Week

We know. January is almost over and everyone has probably already made their resolutions for this year, but we think it's never too late to start new. For us, Resolution Week is all about beginning the year with small, positive changes that will have big effects on our lives and on the lives of others.

Here are our five resolutions for 2017:

Save more

Our first resolution for this year is to save more. As a financial institution this is always our first priority, but as humans, we also know how stressful it can be to find yourself in a tough spot financially. We’ve recently been obsessed with this fun, money-saving, 52 Week Challenge. The premise is simple, basically you save money incrementally each week, which culminates in a large sum at the end of the year. This money could be really helpful going into the next year. To help track your deposit amounts, click here to download our PDF.

Learn something new

Our roots as a teacher’s credit union mean that education is always on our radar. So our second resolution is to learn more. New opportunities can bring a new sense of enjoyment to your life, and learning new skills can provide those opportunities. Popular practical skills that could be handy in the future include learning to play an instrument, learning how to cook, or even how to repair things around the house. Top career skills to develop include communication, management, and conflict resolution.

Have fun

Our third resolution is all about fun! Having fun has been linked to stress relief, reenergizing, positive attitude, and even helping fight illness and disease. Some theories state that this is due to the rise in a neurotransmitter/chemical known as Serotonin. Serotonin is widely believed to influence many different processes within our bodies including clotting, nausea, and most relevantly, mood. We put this on our resolution list because sometimes in our day-to-day lives, we forget to take some time to allow ourselves a laugh. Imagine how fun the world would be if we all laughed at least once a day! *

Be healthier

Our fourth resolution is to be healthier. This can be represented in many different ways, the most common of these tend to involve eating healthier or being more active. This may be because Serotonin can be naturally boosted with food and exercise. Foods that may naturally boost Serotonin include: eggs, cheese, pineapples, tofu, and salmon Many people can find exercising intimidating, but starting slow can help offset that. Even taking a short walk can produce endorphins and raise your Serotonin levels. One fifteen minute walk each day isn’t as intimidating, and could really make a lot of difference.


Sharing, donating, volunteering, and helping others are vital facets to a successful community. This could be among the hardest and most rewarding of our resolutions. Luckily for us, we already partner with several local organizations that give back to the communities they serve. These organizations often work without much praise or recognition for what they do, so many are unaware of their existence. If you are hoping to give back some way in 2017, we would be happy to suggest them as good places to start. Some of the organizations we work with across our service area include United Way, Community Youth Services, Concern for Animals, Local Food Banks, Relay for Life, the YMCA, and the YWCA.

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