Skimming Device Found on TwinStar Credit Union ATM

ATM skimmer alert

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TwinStar Credit Union found and removed a skimming device from the ATM located at the Onalaska branch in Onalaska, WA. With early detection, fewer than 50 accounts were compromised. Skimmers are devices that can extract data that could be used for fraudulent transactions. The information taken could include names, card numbers, CVV codes and Personal Identification Numbers (PIN).

TwinStar is communicating with members who used their card at the affected ATM during the period the skimmer was in place. Non-member cardholder information has been reported to Visa®. The ATM in Onalaska is operational and safe to use at this time.

TwinStar Credit Union will block impacted members cards and issue replacement cards to prevent any unauthorized use. Please call our Contact Center at 800.258.3115 if you think you were affected by this event and have not heard from TwinStar.

It is important to note that TwinStar members are not responsible for any fraud that may occur on a stolen card or from stolen card data. However, the disruption and insecurity the theft causes is disruptive at the very least. TwinStar Credit Union is taking steps to remain ahead of the thieves! We’re installing protection plates and software upgrades on many of our ATMs and replacing several older machines in the next year.

The best way to combat fraud on your account is to check your accounts regularly. Call us immediately if you notice anything suspicious. TwinStar Credit Union provides free online banking you can access from your computer or phone. Click here to learn more or download the TwinStar app.