Strengthen Your Online Account with a Login ID

Switch to a LoginID

TwinStar Credit Union members can now change their online and mobile device login credentials to include a Login ID instead of account number. It is a security best practice to have a Login ID as opposed to account number in order to protect your online identity. Login ID is a new feature recently released for TwinStar online and mobile device account access users.

To install a Login ID:

  • Select “Settings” from the menu next time you log into your accounts.
  • Select “Security Preferences”.
  • Select “Change Login ID”. Type your new Login ID and click submit. Your Login ID must be at least seven characters long.
  • You’ll receive notice from when you’ve successfully completed your Login ID installation. That’s it – done!
  • Next time you log in, simply type your Login ID in the account number field.

If you are an owner or joint owner on more than one TwinStar member number, you can now link alternate accounts to your primary account so you only have to log into one account to see them all.

Typical examples include an adult with one or more kids owning a Dollar Dog or Outfitter savings accounts or a couple with primary status on their account and joint status on the partner’s account. Now you can see them all under your newly installed Login ID. There is some simple account maintenance that needs to be performed to activate this feature. Please call (800) 258-3115 or send a secure message from our online account access platform next time you log in to request this account linkage.