TwinStar Community Foundation Pays Off $59,000 of School Lunch Debt

Onalaska Branch Manager Erin McKinnel pictured here with representatives from the Morton School District.

Elementary schools in Lewis, Grays Harbor and Thurston Counties receive awards

Olympia – The TwinStar Community Foundation believes that well-fed kids create well-fed minds. The Foundation identified accumulated school lunch debts incurred at elementary schools and provided funds to eliminate or reduce the debt for the school year ending this week.

More than 60 different elementary schools and their school districts were awarded funds to help eliminate the growing school lunch debt problem. The TwinStar Community Foundation paid all the school lunch debt in our service area for elementary schools in Lewis and Grays Harbor Counties and half the school lunch debt in Thurston County.

In 2018, the Foundation paid off school lunch debt in Thurston County. The increase in awards for 2019 more than doubled the amount of funds directed at eliminating elementary school lunch debt.

The TwinStar Community Foundation was formed to affect our communities in substantial and innovative ways. We are pleased to be able to provide security for elementary school kids while helping our school district partner’s deal with an unpredictable expense.