Valentine’s Day Budget Hacks

A couple takes a selifie facing away from the camera. In the background there is water and a city.

Celebrate the significant other in your life without breaking the budget by using these hacks!

1. Dine at home

Instead of shelling out big bucks for food delivery, cook up a meal together at home. Don’t forget to set the ambiance with candlelight and soft music!

2.  Explore the great outdoors 

There are many outdoor activities that can be done safely and socially distant including in your own back yard! Bundle up and bring your mask on a refreshing walk under the stars or watch the waves crash onto the shore at a beach. If it’s snowy out, let your inner child free and build a snowman together. 

3. Share a workout 

For pairs who enjoy hitting the gym together, there are still ways to spend some time with each other doing a workout. Home yoga, or a job around the block (don't forget your mask) are popular these days, and if you are really looking to work up a sweat, there are home workout's available on Youtube. Always contact your physician before doing any new physical activity.  th

4. Make a memory box 

Instead of expensive gifts, take a walk down memory lane together by making a memory box. Cover a small container in decorative material, or spray-paint it in your chosen color. Then throw in mementos you have saved up from your months or years of dating.

Grab a tub of ice cream and enjoy a wonderful evening reliving some of your best shared moments.

5. Gift them with a gesture 

Everyone has a guilty pleasure they can’t get enough of. Give your partner an all-out indulgence fest this Valentine’s Day for a truly thoughtful gift. If your significant other loves waking up to a huge stack of pancakes, surprise them with their dream breakfast-in-bed.

Alternatively, you can also offer to do a household chore you know your partner loathes, like doing laundry.

6. Movie matinee 

This one can be really fun! Take some time and turn your living room into a movie theater for a romantic date at home. Use comfy blankets and pillows to create a couch-fort for you and your date and prepare your partner's favorite movie. Then make some popcorn and turn the lights out for the full experience.