Account information on the home page

The following information appears on the Home page for each account:

Account information on the Home page
Name Description

Account name

The default name for the account or a custom nickname that you create in Settings.

Account number

The masked account number. For your security, only the last part of the number may appear with an account type identifier. For example, account number 123456789 may appear as 67S89.

Account Type Identifier Code:
S - represents a share or checking account
L - represents a loan account


The balance and balance type for the account.

Tip: If the Home page includes the Account Summary graph, you can click or tap the segment of the graph that represents an account to view account information.

To hide or show the Account Summary graph

  1. In the Account Summary area, click or tap Hide. The Account Graph disappears.
  2. (Optional) Click or tap Show to display the graph again.
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