Security preferences overview

You can change your security preferences in online banking.

Use your password and Login ID to log in to online banking. When needed, you can change them in the security preferences.

You can configure your secure delivery contact information that we use to send Secure Access Codes. We only send Secure Access Codes to a known secure delivery contact.

Secure Access Code delivery methods
Method Details


The system calls the telephone number on file. You answer the phone normally and make a selection to hear the code. If necessary, you can repeat the code. The system does not leave the code on voice mail. If you miss the call, you can request a new code.

Text (SMS)

The system sends a text message with the code. Standard text messaging fees apply.


The system sends a short email with the code. Depending on the configuration of the filters on your mail server, the message may be in your junk or spam mailbox.

Online banking Security