Online banking

You can use the Alerts page to edit an existing alert. Any changes take effect immediately.

To edit an existing alert

You can use the Alerts page to delete an alert that you no longer need. Deleting an alert removes it immediately and permanently.

To delete an alert

Security alerts inform you immediately when a security-related event occurs. Some security alerts are required. In the list of security alerts, required alerts are dimmed. You can enable or disable optional security alerts. The available security alert types vary, depending on your account type.

When you create an alert, it takes effect immediately and stays in effect until you disable or delete it. You can set an alert to occur immediately.

You can change your security preferences in online banking.

Dollar Dashboard allows you to manage your money from your Online Banking account.

You can use the Online Activity page to send a message about a transaction.

You can use the Online Activity page to cancel a transfer. You can cancel a transfer if the status is Drafted or Pending.

To cancel a transfer

You can view or search for an existing pending or processed transfer on the following pages:

You can transfer funds between accounts. You can also make external transfers to or from an account at another financial institution.