Viewing eStatements

All members have the ability to view eStatements, electronic versions of your account statements, in online banking

To view eStatements

Note: eDocuments for your entire account, including loans and accounts, are available when an account is selected.
  1. In the Menu, click or tap eDocuments > View eDocuments. The eDocuments option page appears.
  2. Do the following to select the statement to view:
    1. Select the account you would like to view.
    2. In the eDocuments window, select the eStatements tab if it is not active
    3. Available documents will show up under the menu. Select the statement you would like to view.
    4. Depending on the settings on your device, you may be able to save or print the eStatements.
Tip: Visit eDocuments > Paperless Opt In/Out to change your preferences or view the eStatement Delivery Agreement. Kasasa members are required to opt in to paperless in order to qualify for rewards.


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