New online and mobile banking features available now

New online and mobile banking features available now

The ongoing development of our account access platforms continues with two new convenient features: external transfers and streamlined loan applications.

External Transfers – this feature allows you to send money to an account you have at another financial institution. It’s a quick and convenient way to move your money around. If you conduct Shared Branch transactions today in order to fund other accounts, this new function could save you a trip to the branch.

To get started, log into online or mobile banking and click Transactions. Then select Add External Account. You will need to have the routing number of the other financial institution, your account number and the account type (savings or checking).

Once established, your external account will be included in the drop down menu from the “Transfer Money Now” tab. To learn more about setting up an external account, click here. For frequently asked questions, click here.

Streamlined Loan Applications – improvements to TwinStar’s lending system now provide access to a fast and secure loan application inside our online and mobile platforms. Best of all, your name, address and other relevant account information will be populated on the application. You’ll be able to complete your loan application in just a few minutes and in most cases, receive notification back from TwinStar in just a few minutes as well. You can apply for any type of loan (credit card, auto, boat, home equity, etc.) and even open accounts for your kids.

To access the new streamlined loan application, log into online banking, then select Services and then click Apply For A Loan.