Browser test

TwinStar’s online banking system requires a modern browser for optimum security and user experience. The test below shows you if your browser is compatible. For more information about the new online banking, go here.

Supported Desktop Browsers

These desktop browsers are currently supported for the full online banking experience:

  • Chrome – versions 37 and up
  • Microsoft Edge – all versions
  • Firefox – versions 21 and up
  • Safari – version 10 and up
  • Internet Explorer – version 11

These desktop browsers are only partially supported. Compatibility may expire at any time, so we suggest upgrading.

  • Safari – version 9
  • Internet Explorer – versions 9 and 10

Compatible mobile operating systems

To access TwinStar Mobile applications, the following operating systems are supported

  • Android – version 4.2 and up
  • iOS – version 9 (partial support), 10 and up (for full support)

Supported mobile browsers

All mobile browsers for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile should be supported, however, mobile banking features are only available in the iOS or Android app.