Online Banking security

TwinStar Credit Union uses a unique Member Account Number that serves as your identifier when using Internet Banking. In addition to your Member Account Number, we require the use of a Secret Password that you can change at your convenience. Together, these unique pieces of information provide you online protection and enable you to view your account information quickly, easily and safely.

Like most web sites, TwinStar Credit Union's is not entirely comprised of pages secured by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. (Secure pages usually begin with "https" in the site address and cause most browsers to show a locked icon.) However, be assured that once you log into on-line banking, your information is secure and encrypted before it is sent to the on-line banking server.

How it works:

The Member Account Number and Password are entered through a basic HTML object called a form. The form sends the entered information to a web server for processing through a process called "Log In". Part of executing a "Log In" involves telling the form where the data is to be transmitted. In the case of the Internet Banking login information customers enter on TwinStar Credit Union's web site, the form is instructed to submit the data to a web server that is protected by SSL. This is what makes the form post secure.

Prior to any exchange of information with a web server protected by SSL, the web browser is required to negotiate an SSL session through a process called an SSL handshake. Once the SSL session is negotiated between the web browser and the web server, the data being sent to the web server is encrypted by the web browser in such a way that only the client and the server involved in the SSL session can read it. Thus, the login information entered from the TwinStar Credit Union web site is secure as it is transmitted via the Internet.

If you have further questions, please contact TwinStar Credit Union at 1-800-258-3115.