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Star City is an innovative classroom economy program offered for free by TwinStar Credit Union to teachers in southwestern Washington. This fun and educational curriculum tool will teach your students real life money management skills. They will interact with each other to understand the concepts of earning, spending and saving money.

I saw such a difference in the way they took control of their money and their confidence grew!!! What a great idea! The look on their faces, the determination, it was fun and exciting to watch.

-- Shauna Baker, Shining Mountain Elementary School, Spanaway

Help your students apply their skills to real-life situations

Star City introduces students grades K-6 to valuable life skills they will need wherever they go. Income, expenses, rent, utilities, loans - it’s all a part of Star City.

In Star City, the classroom becomes a factory, where student employees take the raw material of their current grades and make a finished product of a student of the next grade.

Students will learn the basic principles of an economy, making, spending, and investing money. They will also learn how to get a job, manage their income, how to write a check, and how to use checks to pay for bills. Savings accounts and loans will also be discussed to promote good financial behavior.

They will also learn about economics, citizenship in society, and math and finance. This knowledge will help them throughout their lives.

Classroom presentation on financial topics

The Star City program begins with a classroom presentation on the basics of personal finance. These presentations are honed through experience in dozens of local classrooms and continually updated with the best information on saving, spending, and investing.

Free materials and guidebook

We provide a guidebook with a curriculum guide, plus access to downloads on Star City Online. Print what you need, it's all been formatted to be used right away. We'll also provide free checkbooks and help you find any other materials you need.

Online resources

Download the most up-to-date versions of all the Star City forms in either color or black and white, ready for printing right away. Write about your experiences in your blog, shared with other Star City teachers, or comment on other teacher blogs. Share feedback on the program; we'll incorporate teacher suggestions into future materials.

The kids are showing responsibility like I haven't seen so far this year! :o) Thanks for all the prepared items you gave me. They have saved me lots of time!

-- Angela Bishop, Lincoln Elementary, Hoquiam

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