The TwinStar Credit Union Difference

You’ve probably heard that credit unions are different than banks, but what is it exactly? The big difference is you – credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives owned by the very people we serve, members just like you. We exist solely to serve our members, not to enrich a small group of stockholders. So decision making is a bit easier at credit unions – we’re seeking to return the most value to each member at all times. Credit unions are run by democratically elected and volunteer Board of Directors; it’s democracy in action – for the people by the people!

Credit unions return earnings to members in the form of better deposit rates, low to no fees and lower interest rates on loans. Credit unions also focus on returning value to members through easy access. TwinStar Credit Union is a fast follower of available technology and is committed to providing members all the modern account access tools available.

Another significant difference between banks and credit unions is cooperation. Credit unions cooperate with each other because we think everyone should be in a credit union, regardless of which one you choose. We also link our ATMs together to help our members avoid costly ATM surcharges.

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