Visa Balance Transfer 2017 Promotion

Visa Balance Transfer

It’s another new year, and TwinStar Credit Union has resolved to make yours even better. Transfer your high-rate balances to our Visa Platinum at the super-low promotional rate of 0.99% APR for 12 months. And you’ll pay no balance transfer fees.

This special offer ends March 9, 2017, so act today!

*APR = ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE. Promotional APRs are 0.99% for Visa Platinum; and 1.99% for Visa Platinum Rewards. Promotional APR applies to balance transfers posted to a Visa Platinum or Visa Platinum Rewards account between January 10, 2017 and March 9, 2017. Promotional APR balance transfer balance as of March 9, 2017 will be subject to the Promotional APR for 12 months or through March 9, 2018. After March 9, 2018 the non-promotional APR in effect for balance transfers will apply to any remaining balance. Balance transfers posted before January 10, 2017 or after March 9, 2017 will be subject to the non-promotional APR which is currently 6.25% for Visa Platinum; and 7.25% for Visa Platinum Rewards. Only balances transferred from a non-TwinStar credit card account qualify for a balance transfer. Other Visa types are not eligible for the promotion and promotion rates. All loans on approved credit.