Business Member User Management

TwinStar's digital banking system allows business owners to set up multiple authorized users with their own unique username and password to access to their business account. This feature is called Access Manager.

Managing and Adding Users in a Web Browser


  1. Login to Business Online Banking
  2. Select Tools
  3. Select Access Manager

Here the Account Holder (business owner) can:

  • Add new users to the team
  • View all of the authorized team members
  • Search for team members
  • Filter by team members, roles, or status
  • Sort by name or last login
  • Select a team member to edit their contact information, access levels, or to deactivate them

Add User

  1. Add new user information in the form.
  2. Choose an access level for the team member.
    •  Admin will have full access including managing users.
    •  Collaborator role offers customization by selecting which accounts and permissions you want that user to have access to, excluding managing other users. For example
      • Specific shares or loans
      • External accounts
      • Transfers
      • Bill Pay
      • Mobile check deposit
      • Card Control
      • Viewing statements and documents
    • Viewer has limited access with no ability to move money.
    • Users will only see buttons relevant to actions available with their specific permissions. For example, a Viewer will not see the button to transfer funds.
  3. Select send invite.

New users will receive an email with an invitation link to enroll themselves. They agree to terms of service, set up their password and complete the rest of the enrollment process.

Once the enrollment process is complete, select go to my account to access the account.

Edit User

Click on the Team member’s name from the list. From this screen you can edit the Team Member’s name, Access level, Account & Permission Access. As well as deactivate or reactivate the user.


Managing and Adding Users in the Mobile Banking App

  1. Login to Business Online Banking.
  2. From the Feed, select the More icon in the lower right
  3. Scroll down and select Access Manager from the menu.

From here you can add or edit users just as you would using the web browser.


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Last updated on August 12, 2022.