FAQ: Secure Email

What is Secure Email?

A secure method to send account sensitive information to members to the email address on file.

May I reply back to the to the sender via Secure Email or regular email?

If additional assistance is needed, please contact us at one of the following options:

  • Call 800-258-3115
  • Send Online Banking secure message
  • Start a Chat conversation


Where can Secure Emails be sent to?

The email address on your account only.

What if I forget my registration password?

A link to reset or recover the password is available on the Secure Email Message.

What if I forget the answers to my security questions?

You would need to register with a new email address. An option to reset the security questions is not available.

What if I don’t receive the secure email message?

Please call our Contact Center at 800-258-3115.

What information may be sent through Secure Email?

Any account information that is listed on the account number that the email address is attached to.

Do Secure Email messages expire?

No, secure messages do not expire.

What if I don’t remember the email address on file and that I registered with?

Email addresses are listed within online/mobile banking under Settings, then My Information.

What password should I enter in to view the PDF file?

The password that was setup during the Secure Email registration process.

If a file is attached to the message, is that sent securely?

Yes, all attachments are sent securely as well. The file would need to be opened in Adobe Reader in order to view those attached files.

Secure Email

Last updated on January 16, 2020.