This section includes questions about getting started with digital banking including questions about logging in for the first time.

Logging in for the first time


What if I do not have access to the phone or email account contacts listed?

You must have access to the email to log in for the first time or register a computer. If you need immediate access, contact us. After you verify your identity, you can add a new email. Once logged into the online banking, you can add additional email addresses and elect to receive access codes via phone.


Why does it gives an error as incorrect enrollment code?

This may be caused by a typing error or due to one of the following:

  1. Similar-looking characters (e.g., the number "1" vs. the letter "I")
  2. Entering/copying the code with added whitespace
  3. Copying only part of the code

To avoid these issues, it is recommended that you copy and paste the code, while ensuring that any whitespace is excluded and every character is included.


Registering your computer

I registered my browser or device during a previous login, but now I need to register it again. Why?

There are several possible reasons that you may need to register a browser or device again, including:

  1. Your browser settings are configured to delete cookies
  2. Your browser cookies for online banking were removed
  3. You use a browser plugin that automatically removes browser cookies when you close the browser
  4. Your account requires a Secure Access Code each time you log in
  5. You log in with a different browser on the same registered computer
  6. For security reasons, we reset all active registrations for all users

How do I remove the registration from a device?

On a computer browser, you delete all browser cookies or the browser cookies for online banking. See your browser help for information about deleting cookies.

What devices are supported?

The following browsers are supported:

  • Microsoft Edge 80 and greater
  • Mozilla Firefox 51 and greater
  • Google Chrome 60 and greater
  • Apple Safari 13 and greater
  • Opera 56 and greater
  • Apple iOS mobile browser 13.1 and greater
  • Google Android mobile browser 4.4 and greater

The following browser is not supported, please update to a supported browser

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

The following native devices for applications are supported:

  • iOS 9.0 and greater
  • Android 4.1(API 16) and greater (Android devices have great variability in underlying hardware, some models may not be supported due to device manufacturer customizations.)


    Digital banking Getting started

    Last updated on August 02, 2022.