Registering a browser or device

A conventional authentication system relies on two forms of identification to prove your identity: your Login ID and your password. Multi-factor authentication uses multiple forms of identification to make it harder for attackers to access your account. The multiple forms of identification can include something that you know, such as a password, and something that only you have.

In online banking, we can send a Secure Access Code to a contact address that you configure. The code is only valid for a single use and it expires after a short time. You choose one of the following ways to deliver the code:

Secure Access Code delivery methods
Method Details


The system calls the telephone number on file. You answer the phone normally and make a selection to hear the code. If necessary, you can repeat the code. The system does not leave the code on voice mail. If you miss the call, you can request a new code.

Text (SMS)

The system sends a text message with the code. Standard text messaging fees apply.


The system sends a short email with the code. Depending on the configuration of the filters on your mail server, the message may be in your junk or spam mailbox.

Whenever possible, you should configure phone and text delivery methods, and leave email unconfigured. Attackers can use viruses or other malicious activity to compromise your email and view the Secure Access Code. If you do not configure an email address as a Secure Delivery Contact, you can help prevent this type of attack.

If you have never used a particular browser or device to log in, you may need to enter a Secure Access Code to use it. If the browser or device is one that you plan to use again, you can register it. By registering a browser or a device, you confirm that it is under your control and that you intend to use it to access online banking.

TIP: Multiple users can register the same browser or device.

You register your browser or device again in the following circumstances:

  • You use a different browser on your desktop
  • Your browser does not save browser cookies
  • You clear existing browser cookies
  • We reset registration for all users for security reasons
WARNING: Only register a browser or device if it is under your control. Do not register a browser on a public computer.
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Last updated on September 19, 2021.