Setting up Alerts

Alerts are generated at the time the transaction clears your account and is no longer listed as pending.

How the card is used influences the timing of the alert:

  • PIN entered at point of sale: alerts immediately.
  • Signature based or online purchases (no PIN entered): alerts when the transaction is posted and clears the account.

After logging into online banking, from the Dashboard, click on your name located in the upper right hand corner.

A menu will open, select Settings. On the Settings page, select the Security tab.

On the Security page, you will be able to set up alerts under Transaction & Balance Alerts by clicking on the blue New Alert symbol.

For the Mobile App, once logged in on the main Feed, choose More in the lower right-hand corner. Choose Alerts and then choose Custom Alerts. Follow steps 1-5 below.

After clicking New Alert +, a box will open allowing you to set your alert parameters and click Save.

  1. Choose how you would like your alert delivered.  Email or Text.
Sections 2-5 are optional.  Leave blank to receive alerts for all account activity
  1. Select the account you would like the alert for.
  2. Type in any keywords.  Keywords could be type of transaction descriptors (like name of merchant, Geico; Verizon; etc.)
  3. Select the dollar amounts you want transaction alerts for. (For example: if you want alerts for transactions larger than $50, you would type in $50 in the min box and leave the max box blank)
  4. Select the dollar amount you want balance alerts for. (For example: if you want alerts when your balance drops below $100, you would type in $100 in the max box and leave the min box blank. Alerts will be triggered for any transactions that meet your balance parameters.)


Common Alert Examples

  • To receive an Alert for a specific Merchant make sure to put the merchant name under Keywords.
  • To receive an Alert for all transaction types, choose how you would like to receive your alert, email or text, and leave all other boxes blank.
  • To receive an Alert when a transaction drops your balance below a specific dollar amount, add a max balance.

Once the Alert has been saved, to remove alert from this same page, click Remove to the right of the alert.


Remove an Alert

From the Dashboard, click or tap Your Name > Settings > Security.

Under Transaction and Balance Alerts is a list of Active Alerts.

To remove alert, click Remove to the right of the alert.

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Last updated on February 02, 2024.