Wire Transfers

Domestic wire transfers

Outgoing wire requests received prior to 1:00 pm on weekdays will be processed the same day. Wires received after this deadline will be processed the next business day. Incoming wires are posted as they are received from the initiating financial institution.

Domestic (U.S. destination) wires may take 12 to 72 hours to arrive at the destination financial institution. The receipt time is dependent upon the time the request was received, any weekend or holiday periods, the geographical location of the destination financial institution, and/or the number of correspondent financial institutions involved in the routing process.

Wire transfer instructions

For incoming wires (wires received at TwinStar Credit Union):

  • Receiving ABA/routing & transit #: 325181015
  • Receiving institution name: TwinStar Credit Union
  • Member name
  • Member account number
  • Member physical address

The above instructions can be used for domestic and international incoming wires alike. TwinStar does not have a SWIFT code, BIC, or IBAN for the purpose of receiving direct international wire transfers. For outgoing wires (wires sent by TwinStar) contact the receiving institution to obtain the wire instructions for TwinStar to follow. Incorrect wire instructions will result in the return of the wire transfer funds, at which time your account will be charged an incoming wire transfer fee.

International wire transfers

TwinStar Credit Union does not currently offer international wire transfers. 


Last updated on January 31, 2023.