If you have check fraud (such as stolen checks or checks you did not authorize) or online banking fraud (such as EFT withdrawals you did not authorize), you will need to fill out fraud paperwork at a branch or, after calling 1.800.258.3115, via DocuSign detailing when you noticed the fraud, what the fraud was, and any other relevant details. This will then be sent to our Fraud Investigations department so they can begin investigating your case. At the conclusion of that investigation you will be sent a letter by mail with the conclusion and any actions that were taken.

NOTE: This process does not involve debit or credit card fraud or disputes. If you need help with those, please visit  this page  for more information!
Please note, THEY WILL NEVER EVER ASK YOU TO GIVE THEM ANY LOGIN INFORMATION OR SECURE ACCESS CODE. TwinStar Credit Union never needs to have that information.
Fraud Transactions

Last updated on April 27, 2021.