Lost or stolen checks

Steps to take after you discover the loss or theft.

  1. Visit us right away if any of your checks have been stolen or lost beyond retrieval. We can change your account number. We'll also make sure that any outstanding checks are posted to your new account.
  2. Go to your local police station if your checks have been stolen and file a police report. That protects you and makes it more likely the thief can be identified and prosecuted.
  3. Keep an eye on your mail for collection notices and unexpected bills. If a thief uses the stolen checks, the check will be returned to the recipient as "no account." The recipient won't know that it's a fraud, only that the check was returned.
  4. If you get a request to pay on a check that you didn't write, you'll need to come to a branch and complete an affidavit of forgery. You'll then need to send it to the business or collection agency.
  5. Follow up to make sure the business or credit agency doesn't report the fraudulent transaction to credit bureaus or check verification agencies.

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Last updated on August 12, 2019.