Classroom Presentations

Classroom Presentations

One-hour presentations on Financial Fitness are available for students in grades K-12 and beyond anywhere in the areas TwinStar Credit Union serves.

TwinStar Credit Union understands the importance of educating our youth and preparing them for the future. Financial Education Specialist Amanda Stevens visits children and young adults in the classroom, with more than 200 presentations a year to local schools and groups.

In addition to visiting schools, Amanda helps plan special events and seminars, manages and enhances our youth and senior programs and coordinates the teacher grant program known as Classroom Cash.

You can request a free presentation by contacting Amanda Stevens at or 1.800.258.3115, ext. 4427.


Where Does Money Come From?

Students will learn why people began using money and why it is important to be a good money manager. Students will learn about spending, saving, giving and investing, with an emphasis on saving and spending smart. Length: 30-45 minutes.

Lemonade Stand

In conjunction with “Where Does Money Come From,” students learn about being an entrepreneur by starting a lemonade stand. Length: 30-45 minutes.

Story-Time and Classroom Activities

We can provide the “edutainment” to engage your students in the wonderful world of finances! From interactive games, life scenarios, and story-time your students will learn something and have fun in the meantime. Length: 15-30 minutes.

Middle and High School

The Credit Union Difference

In this lesson, students learn how credit unions are run, as well as the importance of money management skills. Length: 45-60 minutes. The Kahoot! Online gaming option is available for classes that have access to the internet..

Banking Basics: Checking and Savings Accounts

From how to write a check to what an overdraft is, students learn all aspects of how to use their accounts. Students will practice writing checks and balancing a check register, as well as the difference between debit and credit cards. Length: 60-90 minutes, (possible two sessions).

All About Money

This is an interactive presentation that displays various educational facts about U.S. currency. Length: 45-60 minutes The Kahoot! Online gaming option is available for classes that have access to the internet.

Budgeting 101

Participants will identify goals and create a spending plan based on their current income. Participants will learn the components of a good budget with life scenarios introduced to discuss to become better money managers. Length: 45-60 minutes.

What is Credit?

This informative presentation teaches how to build good credit, how to avoid credit pitfalls and the benefits of having good credit. Students will also learn the difference between debit and credit cards. Length: 45-60 minutes.


Various types of fraud are covered in this presentation, with many tips and suggestions on how to be a smart consumer in today’s ever-changing environment. Length: 45-60 minutes. The Kahoot! Online gaming option is available for classes that have access to the internet.

Risk Management

We know we face a multitude of risks in our everyday lives. In order to help determine the insurance we need, we have to take into account possible loss exposure. In this lesson, students will be introduced to the various types of insurance available to them throughout their life. Length: 45-60 minutes.


This motivating presentation helps teens explore their options and develop steps to pick a career that matters most to them. Being happy at work is vital, and ways to get there are explained. Length: 45-60 minutes.

Resumes and Interviews

Most teens are looking for some form of employment. This presentation explains interview trends, dress standards, and strategies to get your resume noticed. Also, practice sessions are applied. Length: 45-60 minutes.

College and Beyond

Money Management for College Students

You are in college…now what? Life can be fun and hectic. This presentation will talk about methods and tips to keep your financial life organized. Length: 45-60 minutes.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Money

This delightful presentation conveys best practices in talking with your children about money, how to save for it and understand their young minds. Length: 45-60 minutes.

Home Buying 101

This seminar will help you prepare for home ownership, from preparing your credit to budgeting for a new home. This presentation will provide you with understanding of the process involved in applying for the mortgage and covering the basics. Length: 45-60 minutes.