Boat Loans

Wheeeeeee I'm on a boat!

Vroom, splash and the unmistakable squeals of playing kids. These are the sounds you’ll experience on the water with your new boat. We finance quiet boats too, so you fishermen can sneak up on the unsuspecting fish!

Apply online now, visit one of our 20 branches, or give us a call at 1-800-258-3115.

Rates range from 5.49% - 13.99% fixed APR for special 72 month term. Rates range from 5.49% - 16.49% fixed APR. Older model year loans, if approved, are subject to higher rates. Term is based on loan amount. Boats: 16-28 feet. New and last 9 model years. Total 15 model years including current model year. No live-a-board boats; or any boats lived in or planning to live in for 5 or more months during the year. No commercial use or highly specialized/limited boats (racing, house boats, etc.).