ACH Routing Number

TwinStar’s routing number is 325181015

It's also printed along the bottom of your checks.


How to format your account number

In order for an electronic transaction (ACH) or Direct Deposit to post to an account correctly the account number must be in the following format:

Savings: the six digit account number followed by dash 00 or just 00. example: XXXXXX-00 or XXXXXX00

Sub Savings/Money Market: the six digit account number followed by a dash and the share ID. example: XXXXXX-10

Checking: Use the six digit account number followed by the checking ID number and the check digit: XXXXXX90X. The "check digit" is the last number shown on your account number at the bottom of your checks. You can also find it in your account info inside online and mobile banking. If you don't have printed checks, or you don't have access to online banking, call the Contact Center at 800.258.3115 to get your check digit. 

One of the most common questions we hear is “What is TwinStar’s routing number?” 

TwinStar members look for the routing number -- also called an ABA number -- to set up an automatic payment using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. 

ACH transactions are commonly used for direct deposits or for automatic payments from your account. ACH credits come from employers and government agencies. ACH payments go to insurance companies, utilities, telephone companies, and more.

Who, or what, is behind this efficient, reliable and secure method of payment exchange? 

It’s a not for profit organization called the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA).  They oversee the ACH network, which is one of the largest payment systems in the world. 

TwinStar members are no exception when it comes to using the ACH network for debits and credits to their accounts.  25,000 TwinStar members receive an ACH deposit to their accounts each month.  The dollar amount of these transactions in February 2008 was $91 million, an increase of nearly 20% compared to 2007!

Try it for yourself -- it’s easy!

If you would like to set up a direct deposit of your paycheck, ask your employer if they can set up an ACH transfer. They may already have a form available.

If you receive Social Security or Unemployment you can sign up for direct deposit on their websites. You can also get tax refunds with ACH; just include your account number and routing number on your 1040!

If you have a recurring payment with a fixed amount, you can establish an ACH transfer from your account.  The recipient of your payment can tell you how to set up an ACH transfer with their company.

You can also use ACH for regular transfers between your accounts at different financial institutions. Stop by any branch to fill out an ACH form. You will need to know the account number and transit routing number for the receiving account. To verify the account number and routing number, bring a voided check, or have the form signed by the other institution.

You also have access to TwinStar’s free Bill Payer service to set up payments.  With Bill Payer, you are in control over when and how much money is sent to your various vendors.

Visit to learn more about NACHA and the expanding world of payment transfer.