Two people looking over financial information

Personal Finance Education 

Self-directed online financial wellness education and tools to help you level up your financial game.

Can you answer the following questions:     

  • Do you know if you have enough money in your rainy day fund?
  • Do you feel confident creating a budget?
  • Do you know the three Ds of identity theft?

If you aren’t sure how to answer any of these questions, you aren’t alone. That’s why TwinStar is proud to offer MoneyEdu, a self-directed online financial wellness education program. In addition to online courses, you can use interactive tools to create budgets, track spending, and calculate things like how much interest you pay when making minimum payments on your credit cards.

At TwinStar, our mission is to help improve the financial well-being of our members and greater community.

Ask your organization’s benefit specialist for your team's unique code to access MoneyEdu tools, or use the link below to set up your own profile. 

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