ChoiceLine Home Equity

ChoiceLine Home Equity

Isn't it time to make your dream home a reality? Whether you've been considering a kitchen renovation, an addition to your home, or a spruced up backyard, our ChoiceLine Home Equity Line of Credit can make it happen. Credit lines are available for up to 100% of your home's value.

So stop dreaming, and start enjoying! Apply today.

Apply online now, visit one of our 20 branches, or give us a call at 1-800-258-3115.

The ChoiceLine Home Equity account, also known as a HELOC, offers the convenience and flexibility of a large credit line and allows you to re-use the funds as you pay the balance. You make the choice-draw on your variable rate line of credit whenever you need or lock in part (or all) of the outstanding balance at a fixed rate and term.

Value method and cost determined at time of application. 4.00% variable APR rate. Rate subject to change monthly. Draw period for line of credit is 10 years. Fixed term advances taken during or after the draw period may range from 12-180 months. The total rate adjustment cannot exceed 18% Annual Percentage rate over the life of the loan. Primary Residence - 80% or less Loan-to-Value (LTV) Value is based on tax assessed value and verified by independently certified valuation; or full appraisal. Member pays cost for appraisal. Value method and cost determined at time of application. Category is limited to stick built homes