ChoiceLine Home Equity

Home Equity Loans made easy

The ChoiceLine Home Equity account, also known as a HELOC, offers the convenience and flexibility of a large credit line and allows you to re-use the funds as you pay the balance. You make the choice-draw on your variable rate line of credit whenever you need or lock in part (or all) of the outstanding balance at a fixed rate and term.

So what will it be - a new outdoor entertaining space with a fire pit? Perhaps it’s the roof and windows this year and the cool backyard next year? Whatever you choose, break ground on awesome with a TwinStar Choiceline Home equity account.

Apply online now, visit one of our 21 branches, or give us a call at 1-800-258-3115.

Value method and cost determined at time of application. 3.5% variable APR rate. Rate subject to change monthly. Rates for fixed term advances taken against the line range from 3.74%-5.49% APR. Draw period for line of credit is 10 years. Fixed term advances taken during or after the draw period may range from 12-180 months. The total rate adjustment cannot exceed 18% Annual Percentage rate over the life of the loan. Primary Residence - 80% or less Loan-to-Value (LTV) Value is based on tax assessed value and verified by independently certified valuation; or full appraisal. Member pays cost for appraisal. Value method and cost determined at time of application. Category is limited to stick built homes