TwinStar Credit Union takes your security very seriously. In addition to all the measures we take to protect your finances and information, we offer you resources to protect yourself in all areas of your life. As a reminder, we NEVER request personal information via e-mail, including Social Security number, Access Codes, PIN or Account Numbers. If you receive an e-mail that requests this type of personal information, you should be suspicious of it and contact TwinStar to verify its authenticity.

Reporting Fraud

Lost your card or checks? Start here.

When you see unrecognized charges to your account it is important to first identify the source. In order to expedite your request, please use the guide below to help you determine if your case is fraud or a dispute.

What is a fraudulent transaction?

  • Is not recognized
  • Did not participate in or authorize
  • Did not benefit or expect to receive benefit from the transaction

Please report these types of transactions to TwinStar Credit Union within 48 hours of when you discovered the loss to ensure maximum recovery of funds.

Security News