National Mental Health Awareness Month

Group of friends gathered at a table

May marks National Mental Health Awareness Month. Throughout the month, Mental Health America and other organizations focus on educating the public about mental health — and reducing stigmas associated with mental illness.

Approximately 50 million adults suffer from a mental illness according to Mental Health America’s 2023 State of Mental Health survey. According to the same survey, 55% of adults who have a mental illness haven’t received treatment. 

One of the goals of National Mental Health Awareness Month is to highlight available resources to those who are struggling with mental illness.

During National Mental Health Awareness Month, which has been observed since 1949, organizations plan outreach activities around a central theme. This year’s theme is More Than Enough, which encourages people to remember the inherent value everyone holds — no matter their appearance, background, ability, or diagnosis.

Past National Mental Health Awareness Month themes included Live Your Life Well and Pathways to Wellness.

If you or any loved ones are struggling with mental health issues, we encourage you to seek help. You’re not alone. Call or text 988 or chat for immediate help. Or visit the resources below for more options: