National Women's History Month: Tonya Wood

Tonya Wood is shown smiling

For National Women's History Month, we're featuring four women who impact our credit union with their dedication and expertise. Below is a personal story from Tonya Wood.

Hello, I am Tonya Wood. I am a Regional Director overseeing eight branches for TwinStar CU.  I have had the pleasure of being a part of the TwinStar team for 32 years. I began this career as a teller when I was 19. As my career evolved, I have also been fortunate to live in the same town, where I have lived my whole life. It has been a positive journey for me, with very few difficulties to overcome, as I moved through several positions within the credit union over the years. From my perspective, dedication and perseverance have carried me through my progression. Of course, there have been some disappointments. However, my outlook is, if it is time, the door will open. When it doesn’t, pay attention to the feedback and keep working towards my goals.

Two aspects have been the most rewarding in my career; assisting members in achieving financial goals and working with my team to develop their careers. I pride myself on building trusting, positive relationships with my team and members where communication is honest and transparent.

I began my career with just the desire to obtain a five-day-a-week job, specifically 9-5 with medical insurance. Honestly, my career chose me. I did not choose it. I am grateful it transpired this way. Credit Union's unique purpose of people helping people is something I had no idea about when first starting my career. As I learned about this uniqueness, I knew this is where I would develop my path, as the purpose resonates with me deeply.  Currently, as a Regional Director, I am content and see myself right here for some time.

The most important lesson I have learned is the value of building collaborative relationships with those I work with. Be it members, peers, or the team who reports to me, my goal it to have people feel valued and appreciated.  My advice to anyone seeking a career in the credit union industry is to be helpful and dedicated to your growth and the growth of others.