TwinStar Partners with PropagationNation to Plant Trees in Olympia

TwinStar employees present check for $850 to PropagationNation

TwinStar Credit Union has a long and proud history of giving back to the communities we serve. In 2022, TwinStar and the TwinStar Community foundation donated a combined $778,416 to local charities and organizations. 

To help celebrate 85 years of giving back, TwinStar participated in a tree planting event on January 13, 2023. We partnered with PropagationNation and OlyEcosystems to help restore the Cooper Crest forest area. 

Students from Marshall Middle School joined TwinStar employees in planting trees and shrubs on a 20-acre site over 4 hours. Planting trees can help restore Cooper Crest’s ecosystems. 

The Cooper Crest area also includes the headwaters of one arm of Green Cove Creek, which is potentially the best salmon recovery habitat in the Olympia area. Restoring the Cooper Crest area is essential because it provides:

  • A crucial area for aquifer recharge
  • Habitats for threatened species
  • Stabilization of the slope — which could prevent landslides

In addition to planting trees and shrubs, TwinStar donated $850 to PropagationNation which will support the planting of 850 redwood tree seeds that will be grown and planted in Washington State.

PropagationNation is a local non-profit organization that aims to fight climate change and enhance Washington’s natural beauty. Since 2019, PropagationNation has facilitated the planting of thousands of Redwood and Giant Sequoia trees, each of which can remove up to 250 tons of carbon from the atmosphere. 

Established in 2015, OlyEcosystems is a volunteer-led urban conservation and advocacy organization that’s dedicated to protecting, preserving, and restoring urban wildlife in the Olympia area. OlyEcosystems focuses on strategically purchasing open areas, one of which is the Cooper Crest forest area. 

Supporting and enhancing the lives of everyone — our employees, members, and community members  — drives us. By investing in the people and communities we serve, we are staying true to TwinStar’s mission and core values.