When traveling, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Summer travel tips

You’ve planned every aspect of your summer vacation, double-checked your suitcase and memorized your itinerary. But have you put your finances in order? Taking a few financial precautions will reduce stress and let you enjoy your travels worry-free.

Have multiple ways to pay

Be ready for any event by bringing different types of credit and debit cards with you, as well as a stash of cash. Only carry the items and cash you’ll need for the day and keep the rest in your hotel safe.

Alert your financial institutions

Tell your TwinStar and your bank and credit card companies the dates and locations of your planned vacation. If you don’t, your vacation spending could look suspicious and get flagged as irregular activity, which means your account might be frozen.

Check fees and restrictions

Don’t be surprised when your statement arrives. Know what to expect for ATM fees, foreign transaction fees and cash advance fees. TwinStar is part of a network of surcharge-free ATMs, so check locations before you go to save money on fees.

Consider a prepaid travel card

With the ease of credit card payments, traveler’s checks have declined in popularity. However, prepaid travel cards offer the same security and convenience as traveler’s checks and are accepted worldwide. Use a travel card in the same way you would a credit card and reload with funds as needed. Visit a TwinStar branch to purchase prepaid cards.

Monitor your finances on the go

Sign up for online and mobile banking for easy access and account management while you’re away. Stay on top of your transactions by thoroughly reading your statements for anything that looks suspicious.

Be prepared for the worst

Jot down emergency hotlines typically listed on the back of your debit/credit cards. In the unfortunate event your wallet is lost or stolen, you’ll be able to quickly block purchases on your cards, arrange for replacement cards and get back to normal. Make copies of important financial information and keep in a secure place.

Don’t tell thieves you’re gone

In the excitement of wanting to share your travel experiences with family and friends back home, we often turn to social media sites to update others about our travel adventures. However, this also lets potential thieves know you’re not at home. If you want to share, wait until you return home so thieves won’t “like” and steal your belongings while you’re gone!

Peace of Mind When Traveling: TwinStar Fraud Prevention Services will alert you to fraudulent activity.

To protect your debit and credit card transactions, TwinStar utilizes a fraud monitoring system. If suspicious or unusual activity occurs on your TwinStar debit or credit card, a TwinStar Fraud Prevention Services representative will contact you to verify whether the transaction is authorized by you.

If you have travel planned, visit a branch or call us and let us know when and where you'll be going. We can update your card information and keep the card from being blocked in error.

If your card gets blocked, contact TwinStar Fraud Prevention Services at 866.272.4481 to verify legitimate transactions and unblock your card. (If you will be traveling overseas, download the list of toll-free numbers for dozens of countries at TwinStarCU.com/lost-or-stolen-card.