Teacher with students.

Classroom Cash

TwinStar Community Foundation awards Classroom Cash to educators yearly for classroom enhancements.

TwinStar Credit Union began 80+ years ago as the Thurston County Teachers Credit Union. Our name changed, but our support for teachers and education is still going strong. We realize teachers and educators have out-of-pocket expenses for their classes and we want to help offset the costs. The funds help pay for classroom enhancements such as calculators, software, books, musical instruments, field trips and more! Approximately $100-$200 are awarded to each Classroom Cash recipient and distributed in TwinStar Credit Union’s service area from Tacoma to Portland.

Applications are accepted between September 1st and October 31st via our website. Recipients are notified by January 15th.

New for 2021
Classroom Cash must be processed through your school district.  Your school district will be notified at the same time as you, and funds will be directed to the district. Some districts have opted out of participation, and unfortunately, educators in those districts will not be eligible.

It is important in the application to include the contact name, email and phone number of the individual in the business office who handles funds for your classroom. Every effort will be made to coordinate how to best process the award for every teacher. 

Application checklist:

  • Must be a permanent teacher or counselor for K-5th grade.
  • Only TwinStar Credit Union members are eligible.
  • Please provide an estimate for the expenses in your application.
  • Describe your plans for the grant.
  • Complete all contact information on the application.
  • Keep a copy of the application for your records.
  • Submit application no later than October 31.
  • Incomplete applications will be ineligible.