Whether you’re financing a car, home or managing your day to day spending, TwinStar makes it easier and more affordable with a wide-range of loans and credit options.

You can apply when and how you would like. You can apply online right now. If you have questions or would like to learn more about options regarding term and payments, contact us at 1.800.258.3115 or stop by your local branch to talk with a fast and knowledgeable loan officer in person.

  • TwinStar Home Loans
    TwinStar Credit Union provides home loans with minimal fees and competitive rates with proven quality member service. We understand the local housing market, available financing options and we look out for you when it comes to your home and financial well-being. We’re committed to helping members find a great loan, at a great value. We will help make your dreams come true!
  • Auto Loans at TwinStar Credit Union

    Grab the keys and go. When it’s time for a new or used vehicle – don’t let financing hassles get in the way. TwinStar will help you get your loan set-up in just a few minutes and you’ll be on the road.

  • A man on his motorcycle looking generally happy about his mode of travel
    The open road isn't going to discover itself. Whether you seek the wind in your hair or a simple, fuel efficient way to get around town, TwinStar motorcycle and scooter loans will get you there.
  • RV Loans image
    More memories per mile. Rack up the memories with your beautiful new RV, the sights and sounds of the breathtaking scenery and a low cost TwinStar RV loan.
  • Wheeeeeee I'm on a boat!

    Vroom, splash and the unmistakable squeals of playing kids. These are the sounds you’ll experience on the water with your new boat. We finance quiet boats too, so you fishermen can sneak up on the unsuspecting fish!

  • Stock photo of horses in a trailer

    They say pets become family members over time. So don’t let your horse travel in a beat up old trailer. TwinStar provides financing for your most important cargo.

  • TwinStar offers personal loans for a variety of needs
    Personal loans can be used for a variety of needs. Some of the most common reasons for personal loans are debt consolidation, medical or dental expenses, or miscellaneous household expenses.
  • ChoiceLine Home Equity
    Isn't it time to make your dream home a reality? Whether you've been considering a kitchen renovation, an addition to your home, or a spruced up backyard, our ChoiceLine Home Equity Line of Credit can make it happen.