Introducing Card Control

Person holding a phone and checking credit card.

We are here to make banking easy for you and put you in control of your finances. Meet Card Control, a new feature built into the digital banking platform to help mange your Visa® Cards. Easily turn your card off or on and set up alerts using the TwinStar mobile app or online banking. To make card controls accessible and easier for everyone to use, the new feature was built into our Digital Banking platform to keep our services in one convenient place. No more separate app or log-in to manage your cards! Card Control is replacing the Card Manager app, which will be no longer in service as of July 21st, 2022.  

Card Control features:

  • Turn card(s) off and on (when turned off, all  transactions are blocked including recurring payments)

Card Manager service changes 
Your preferences in Card Manager will not be transferred to Card Control. If you have alerts set up for your card(s), they will not be carried over to the new feature. New alert preferences will have to be set up in Digital banking. Learn how to set up alerts in our help section.